Who wants to collab for a horror game? (Part 8)

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I’m not sure, I actually thing the game could be done at this point.
Once the vent pc is done I think that’s all that can and needs to be added

Apart from some balancing I don’t think there’s much else left..

They will be really easy for me to code..

So, should I make it so that you don't immediately jump to gameplay?

We’re working on it. I think I may be time to make the base for chapter 2

My basic idea for it is multiple floors

Can I help with the menu?

Actually yea, we need to redo the menu it’s really outdated

Okay. You want me to make a base for Chapter 2? I'll just add the certain Code libraries, Like Animation and all that.

I actually think I may be able to handle it myself, making everything modular is really important to save on filesize, I’ll probably make the base code and some placeholders and then we can develop it from there

Well, can I please make the base? I don't feel like I've been contributing all that much.

You have been, like a lot. But yea you can for sure

Oh okay. So, what block libraries might we need?
I know we need animation, but are there any other ones?


All of them but tune scope, sci snap, and colors and crayons

Even World Map, MQTT, Serial Ports and Signada?

Actually on second thought,

Maybe not

Go with animations, multi branded conditionals, parelelsation, and getters and setters,

As well as scratchifyed


Ye, the one I made

Uh, can you send me the source code?


And also import all the custom blocks from chapter 1, a lot of those are gonna be really useful