Who wants to collab for a horror game? (Part 4)

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So cookie, what do you want me to screenshot?

its such a nice collaboration

Oh @cookieclickerer33 are you talking about the trello? it works for me

I can hack into the block function for the website so ill get into trello

im lot better of a hacker than coder

Hey, I was wondering:
could we add this guy to The Search?

sure let me go ahead and code him

Woo! I've already animated the jumpscare in scratch. Now I just need to send the costumes to you

Alr, I finished power bars!


Can someone test it out


can u remake the credits

I don’t have the font


The font for the credits text

oh i dc about the font im gonna write it all into a image i made can u like you write the credits then i actually use your written credits and turn it into the image credits

Oh ok then! I’ll write them soon ish, we gotta get everything We have planned as I said so we can make them accurate

Hey @cookieclickerer33,
H E N R Y (He's Already Nightmare Fuel)
this guy has potential for the search, right?