Who wants to collab for a horror game? (Part 4)

We need more characters so that when the death screen is added, we could have more tips.


As I’ve said 50 times now we gotta finish the stuff we have planned first, having too much work to do will be the downfall of this game I’m sure of it

Every game I’ve cancelled has suffered the same fate being this

oh. sorry

ahhh so mUCH Going on everyone just stop and listen

cookieclicker work on what were sopposed to do and ill work on what i need to do


I’ll work on adding pc stuff because I already made art for it
Can I have what you made for it

Hey, can I have something to work on guys?

also this game would never get canceled or go downfall becuase i dong cancel or give up on games and ive made a agme where i was working on 50 things at once so were fine

sure i need you to work on giving me jumpscare for aden

Yep. Only problem is it's 17 costumes, and they're all vector

So I'll give you one, then the still animation after.

Yes but we don’t wanna get burnt out, if we plan too many things we will get overwhelmed.

Also it will be hard to find any sort of direction with so many things to do.
We should do things in batches

Use snapinator, it converts scratch projects to snap



It will convert the vectors into snap vectors as well
Then export the costumes

i love snapinator

ik ahh i have this to do and a presentation rn someone take my spot im gonn have to go do this presentation it might take an 1hr

I can't access github. My school blocked it :skull:

Can you send the link and I’ll do it?