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The home for Frequently Asked Questions. Staff will cull them from the help and bug report categories and answer them here.


Announcements by Snap! staff, such as new major versions, blog posts, conferences, maintenance, all that.

Help with Snap!

For Snap! users: need help with your project? Ask here! But please don't ask us to do your homework for you. We can give you general ideas, but not write the program for you.

Tutorials (Here's how to...)

This is the category for users to provide tutorials: How to set input types when making a block, how to attach sprites to each other, ...

Share your Projects

Show off projects you've made and tell everyone about them.

Bug reports

Think you've found a problem with Snap!?

Feature Requests

Please use one of the more specific categories, such as "Feature Requests -- Snap!," instead of this one.

For Teachers

This category is for discussion that's specific to teaching, whether BJC, TEALS, or other curricula.

Computer Science

Discuss computer science more generally. Share exciting algorithms, formulas, and puzzles.

Advanced Topics

This category is for people interested in the inner workings of Snap!: what's inside its implementation, how to extend it, and so on. Please do not post advanced-topics-ish messages elsewhere. The goal is to ensure that the vast majority of users, who make projects in Snap! without knowing how it works, aren't scared away from the forum or made to feel unwelcome. Please help, gang.

Snap!Con 2020

This forum, during the conference is for attendees only. After the conference, we will make the content public.