Who wants to collab for a horror game? (Part 7)

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Hey @shadowmeowmeow32, can I show you the intro I made for Shadow Studios?

maybe there can be a meme:

My collaborations:1 replies 5 views 0% progress
Other people's collaborations:1501 replies 10000 views 95% progress

Sure! I'd love to see it.

yo all of you are awsome

I have this so far


AWSOME! thats so cool!

woah i love it

What 3d did you use to make this?

Also I already have a soundtrack in mind for the trailer

Just 3d pen
Wait, wdym by 3d


The rings at the start.

Can someone compile clips for the trailer?

yep already been doing that

Yea I’ll sync and edit the video


I’ve got a song in mind

what clips do i take like what parts should we take of gameplay