Who wants to collab for a horror game? (Part 12)

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thats a lot of topics

Perfect @xx_pax_xx
And for @joecooldoo
Okay, so
Agent needs to travel across a path

The further the agent gets the more points it gets

If it gets a higher amount of points than the last one it’s movements get inherited by the next agent and it’s points is set as the new best

Each agent needs to iterates the pervous’s inputs more twards the end than at the start

The agent wins when it hits the end of the path

what is "agent" in this instance?

The thing who is traveling along the line, that’s what they are normally called when referring to them in rules

so... the ai?

Not exactly, but it’s the thing that the ai controls, not the ai itself

let me get this strait...

you want an ai that goes through a set of predetermined paths?
if so that's not really something you would use an ai for

Well it’s pathfinding through the house



so the ai trys to follow the player with pathfinding?

Well basically there’s multiple places the ai can go and it needs to decide what direction is best, as well as being able to randomly go off track so it’s not too op

i mean if we cutoff the training then we will get the same effect

What I plan on doing is having a starting point and then as you play the ai trains so you can’t do the same thing over and over and it’s less predictable

with all due respect that is a terrible idea and will mean at the beginning it will be mega dumb which isn't something the player will want

@xx_pax_xx the image doesn’t save for me

Nah we too deep now, let’s make it dumber and make it more path based
We using ai

how about we just keep it a controllable level and train it before hand

I guess….
@xx_pax_xx sorry this is just super important but I can’t download the image

or else we will end up with windows tay chatbot