Development work with collboration team (Part 1)

Ive been working on a horror game lately, ive also done some good progress on it but I want some ideas for it anyone got some?

I would love the help!

I also have the base done mainly everything done like jumpscares ways to die but need some more ideas from some people

I would love to help!

Ok! Great! I'm gonna be collabing with @sladescar as well.

@oofpaste249 nows ur chance bro

Did he wanna collab?

he called me and told me he wanted to make a horror game

ok nice!

here ill text him tonight and ask if he wants to help

ok... see ya

i like, kinda forgot to text him lol

i would just tell him, but he moved to Tennessee!

ok :D...

How do you collaborate on snap

Welcome to the forums!
There is no official way to do it, but you can share code/assets with your team.

Thx @coder_07

I could if that’s ok

ok sure thing give me your thougts


I can’t get past the first screen

How do i

Oh it’s because I’m on mobile

I fixed it and now the play button is gone

Yikes, the art is,

Wait a second, im an artist

Could I help add mobile support and some art?

reload also u have to press space to get through