Who wants to collab for a horror game? (Part 9)

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What now, what do I do next

ummm can u make more vines images? PLS

Chapter 2 trailer done
Just need audio

This is an @here warranting event


U like it?

I have a plot twist in mind if the game isn’t lore heavy enough but I don’t wanna reveal it until it’s needed

yeah,but im gonna add some stuff from the chapter 2 game into it

It’s just the teaser trailer, it’s not meant to show gameplay or stuff, just to announce the game and get our minds going

oh ok

It also could explain something about kyo that we may add or not

It depends on the final game

I definitely wanna design more original characters

yeah im actually working on a charachter rn

Can you share the current dev build?

I promise it won’t spiral into a completely different version Like it did with the original

I modified the trailer so it looks a bit better

wait i gotta share it

It’s okay, you can delete the link after

ok i will i shared it

You have to link it again

Still unshared