Who wants to collab for a horror game? (Part 11)

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Yea the spin off, I at the very least need the full shadow sprite

Ohh. Can I help with it?

Yea, link is Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

I need the full shadow sprite again

Found it
download (18)
Now I need a way to edit it

@shadowmeowmeow32 do you have the original image file or like a pxl file or anything for the shadow sprite?

I seperated everything

I have them all imported but they are an absolute nightmare to manipulate because of the way images are imported to vectors…

That blue box is the selection area for the arm, all the parts overlap like this
I can’t change it because otherwise the size wouldn’t import correctly

Oh so like FNaF World?

Basically exactly but i really wanna put a spin on it

I found out if you convert an image to bitmap then back to vector it looses quality but fixes the selection area issue
Idle 1
This is the final sprite

Shadow will have a floating animation

Enemies can now attack you and take less damage if they have defense!
This it’s not difficult to program things anymore

Can you use the nested sprites feature to help?

I was actually making it in scratch as I don’t have any other vector programs

Also side note it’s cool you are taking at least a little interest in our game :slight_smile:

For some reason character stats aren’t setting
No matter what I do it almost never makes the list correctly


Am stupid, disregard me

hi how are you guys im done with my break and im back and ready to start working again i also used the data keys stuff to save stuff for my other game ive been working on before i created the search

Okay what we need next is probably some rudementry enemy ai that isn’t just relying on a dice roll

Well it will rely on a dice roll but a weighted dice roll
For example if the enemy is low on heath than if the player has a higher health then they have a larger chance to heal
If the player has a lower health than their attack it has a higher chance to attack

If the players base attack is higher than their health they have a really high chance to heal.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to program the weighted rolls as I already made a <() in () chance> block

I just need a base for the ai

What I’m thinking is we have 2 variables

1 for the chance to attack
And 1 for the chance to heal
Then every time the enemy does an action it rolls a random number from 1 to that and compares what is higher and chooses that

We can constantly change these odds with if else statements to make an ai


I need a way to make a weighted dice roll that uses 2 values

Basically I need a way to take 2 values and randomly generate a 0 or 1 based on how large one of the numbers are

ok hmm

I think a good starting place is to make a booleen that reports true based on a % chance
From there it should be possible to create one but I honestly cannot think about how this would be done