Who wants to collab for a horror game? (Part 6)

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Well, guess we're here now

Hey @cookieclickerer33, I made Kyo's wait time a little bit slower, along with the cat and cookie's.

Are these wait times good?
They're only a little bit slower, but when I tested it out, I had fun with it.

Good and bad news
Good news is, I cut off a solid 100kb from the cat script


Bad news is you have to rebalance it, also I renamed the catch and throw blocks to make them a bit easier for me

I played the game, it works…

Finally we have a functional game, I’m gonna add some audio indicators probably for Tyrone because he’s the only one that you can’t see apart from cat, but that’s kinda the point, but my i pad is bugging out all the time

Finally we are at a point where everything works as intended….

7,216kb taken up

That gives us 2,784kb to finish this

I have an idea for aiden if we have space at the end of development, they won’t kill you, but they will do something else

Ooh nice

Ok so hear me out,

Aiden will distort the screen using the new shaders that I programmed, we could also add a perspective effect and some other ones for other characters

Is it ok if they don’t kill you?
It will drain your power as well

@xx_pax_xx is that good?

Ok I swear I’m done with the cat script, this is somewhere inbetween the 2
Now it takes the cat less time to go back inside than to come out

I’m done with the cat script and will probably only modify numbers

Map, what are your opinions on this?

Dark grey = vent
Light grey = normal area
Red = visible camera area

(Found out how to resize images, yay!)

Is there anyone else online?

Cam map looks good!

Oh I like that.

My idea is that instead of having it be cams, you can use the other planned pc systems (motion detector and audio lure) to make things move around

And maybe I’ll make it so you block 1 vent cover instead of only having 1 door

Yeah, that sounds good.

I made a wiki for the game

Nice. I'll check it out later.

Yo, anyone online?


Morning everyone



I'm just thinking of what to do for The Search. I was wondering if I could code Aiden.