Who wants to collab for a horror game? (Part 2)

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not what i meant the lines you drew are similar to other types of block coding

well im good with patterns and i can make a logic block that can create some very complex requirements or I am good with lists. But up to you I kinda left snap for a while so I am rusty.

i can also supply you with a save/encryption engine

kind of well thats where the encryption comes in it gives you a string of encrypted text that if you put in it will load all your variables and everything

no encryption = easy to change

yeah itll bring you back to where you were at however I use some java to make it so if you do a specific task it will put your save string into your clipboard

I've seen your "encryption" projects, they aren't hard to decrypt. And there isn't any real way to make sure someone isn't hacking without manual review.

im adding a key of course that was a concept

oh ok

What's wrong with keeping it just shared and not published? :slight_smile:

btw with the amount of varialbles this might take a bit

thanks for the player x and y variables that makes things much better

Oh, thanks
I like the amount of creativity you have, thats something i dont have

btw heres the example of the save engine without encryption Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Man you made that quick

no ive had that forever

Oh, is it updated to the latest version?

Sorry if im being confusing, i havent loaded the project yet

Try using the database library
Then you wont need to paste a code