Who wants to collab for a horror game? (Part 3)

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Well. Time for the 3rd part

Adding bars

K. I lost my PC Animation apparently

Looks perfect! Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Hey, Im gonna add My PC Animation Back


It blocks some hud elements so I need to fix that


It’s lagging for me.. not really lag just more it loads randomly

Also my layering system is gone, can someone add it back?

let me see ill fix it

What'd It look like?

There was layer locking and go to layer blocks
There wherre reserved layers

40-35 backround
35-20 interactive elements
20-10 sub hud elements
10-1 always on top hud elements

oh ik what that was ill add it back


I’ll do building power

ok im also working on a call of duty 3d game rn ! :smiley: the minimap took a while to make

Ooh, sick

ty you wanna see it?