Who wants to collab for a horror game? (Part 9)

its shared Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

The first one doesn’t work


Bruh we already at 7,300kb

Is it built off the main game?

wait wrong link dont click it

we got stuff to remove here Snap! Build Your Own Blocks also yes im still removing stuff and its not gonna be anwhere near it when i remove stuff. This s also why i didn't wanna show people until i was done removing stuff

Oh my

what? :frowning:


I can VA

Just got a shipping notification, my mic is coming today

I can voice kyo and the main character

nice i should be getting my laptop soon

do you like it so far? ive spent lots of time on t so far


I’m really proud of my shader system, I made the entire thing myself

Who’s the main character? What’s their name?

? i dont have your shader system in chapter 2 yet what do the shaders do?

dk yet im working on it do you like my dialouge system? im gonna finish chapter 1 rq

Ye I like it

I got an idea, maybe the text conversations could only appear on hard mode?
It’s really crams the screen especially on mobile, you can barely see anything

the games not meant for mobile, and its percetly fine for desktop

Or possibly add a button to disable them? It really makes it impossible to play on mobile

I’ve coded the entire game on mobile…

Just add a button to hide them to the pc or something

its not soposed to be a mobile game. at least for playing

Even on desktop it would be nice to have a button to hide them

It will only take like 5 seconds

I’ll do it give me a bit gotta do something