Who wants to collab for a horror game? (Part 3)

Ok! I’ll try to fit them in, first we should finish all the planned features before adding new stuff

working on the pc rn gonna add some cool stuff

Umm that’s probably gonna overwrite my code.

Whats the script variable block in the animation for?
The search mine script pic (4)
Just wondering.

how its on my project? you do know that i take all your guys stuff that you want and made and put it on my project.

A leftover from when I was trying to add a swinging animation, that would allow easing effects


I meant that yours could be better and make mine obsolete
Look at the trello

Oh @joecooldoo
This character is from a game I made on scratch. I thought maybe we could add it.

i told you guys yesterday its blocked for me :skull: :frowning:

Oh right.
We might need to do something else.

ill do it

Oh Okay
We're gonna need part 4 soon

Hey cookie, I don't really know what to add to the game
I need ideas of mechanics.

The trello?

Yeah, the trello is blocked for them

We aren’t adding anything new yet, we have to finish everything we have planned first or we will all get burnt out

Can you screenshot it and send it?

Screenshot what?
Anyways, see you all in part 4

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