Who wants to collab for a horror game? (Part 7)

I literally gave you the block that does that

It doesn’t fix it for me

@xx_pax_xx hows it going

You need to put it under a when green flag clicked hat block, then after the block broadcast something to start the project instead of using the when green flag clicked block

So I need to replace every single gf clicked block in the project?
Can you show an example, it doesn’t make much sense to me the way you worded it

yes, unless you build a script that does it for you by modifying the xml

We can’t do that, because of the way the title screen works. It uses the start broadcast to start the game, green flag clicked is for the menu. The issue is with the start broadcast, not the green flag clicked block

Also I can’t edit the xml, nor can I manually replace them all

Best option may be just to leave it and instruct them to do that

Or make the title screen a different scene and then move it to gameplay?

wheres the latest project, ill write a script to automatically do this
just to fix any later bugs


Keep in mind the final game will not jump to gameplay from the green flag, it will have a title screen


how do i get to the menu

You can’t, it’s disabled in my version of the game

It may be better to make the title screen a separate scene to make everything eiser

With what

Just generally, like how’s it going with you

Oh. Well, nothing much I guess.

You want something to do?
I could probably get something

Sure. I'm pretty bored.
Though we may need to continue this discussion in part 8.

Yea that’s possible, hmmm what next..

Give me something in part 8, and I'll try and code it.

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