Who wants to collab for a horror game? (Part 8)

Okay. I think I'll just start with the block libraries.

We don’t need the raycasting blocks,

I’ll import the chapter 1 blocks

Here's all the block Libraries. Could you import the search blocks?


Give me a while



Yep. That (I believe) is all of them

Nope, I left out a few we won’t need

Oh okay.

I feel like our control blocks are enough to make a library of their own


You haven't even tried fixing all the bugs in chapter one. You shouldn't even start that until the game is bug-free.

We're just building a base for right now, importing all the libraries and custom blocks.

is the trailer on yt?

Idk yet.


That’s never gonna happen. There will always be bugs.

Possibly we could leave some other behind to fix the bugs while the others work on chapter 2?

I don’t think there’s much that we could do in terms of fixing any other bugs, we don’t know why they happen

If there are bug reports, we will fix them

If there are no bug reports, then why fix them?

Could I make a bug reports forum for the search?

But as I said, if nobody complains about bugs, why spend the time to fix them