Help make an among us game (Part 7)

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  1. wooow.

really?? .__.

yes lol

dev team:

read the assignments post for things to do

added news
added activity checks


assignments post?

not yet

Change the link that one is outdated!

Game link:

LOL New: Added News LOL

[offtopic]this post is prob the biggest in snap history[/offtopic]

i feel like its going to go to part 10

unless bh destorys the posts


if bh destroys all the posts in the previous topics, it won't matter as far as progressing this one, and besides, we only have 10 posts so far, so it won't be very difficult to make that back (if it was our goal to progress the topics which it isnt anyways) and i don't think there's a reason to destroy the posts in these topics
we should really start working on the collab again now

yes :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, first things first we need @programmer_user to finish the cloud engine

no, work on the controls and map first.

@leothemisfit already did that in

Oh- I was just testing some animations- I was just experimenting I'm sorry- that map is a test room- if you would like to you can make the map sorry about that-

ok i will try to do the map

Sorry I kinda feel like I worked ahead there.. sorry about that.

its ok, i want to have something to work on btw the test room is good