Help make an among us game (Part 2)

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wakeup call for @programmer_user

Hello there, want to help make an online among us game?

just ask to join and I will add you

dev team:

read the assignments post for things to do

added news
added activity checks

exercise some patience ok? this isn't an instant messaging service, it's a forum. you can't always expect people to answer within 10 minutes.

title screen:

activity check(just reply to say your active)

all who don't reply by 13/4/2021 (DD/MM/YYYY) will be kicked from the collab

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How else will I check if a player has run into a wall?

Why are you so impatient?

i quit.

I'm quitting too even though I never joined

I need a websocket server, were not working on gameplay yet

also why did you quit. @helicoptur

How else do I prevent players from cheating?

Because you're impatient and demanding.


also I don't think people cheating is a problem

Well, if there are no set barriers people can just walk through walls.

the collision will be on the client side.

programmer user il fork your websocket repl adding a map

Ok, I finished, my replit username is madpickle