Help make an among us game (Part 3)

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Lol 3rd part:)

Sorry I misread Websockets.

Websockets are called websockets.
Edit: It's fine I just thought you were just using some other program and I was going to point out our discussions of it in the previous thread

Link to the game:

All helpers please tell me quotes to add to the game description.

To creator: Can take Management?

Also, could you please have the title screen music be the title screen ambiance of Among Us?

i think he did it as a joke or something

I like this music.

Its a cool intro and I like it.

Plus the real one takes up a lot of storage so the game will lag more.

The title screen music takes up wayyyyy to much storage which means the game would be smaller and lag more.

To me the music fits. I also thing the OG one is to quiet.

it doesn't fit in the game, find something else

No it won't. Storage doesn't cause lag. Running processes cause lag. Besides, im pretty sure the ambiance theme is shorter than the among drip theme (or whatever it would be called).

If it's over 10 mb, it's over 10 mb. Just share the file over google drive and let people download it to play. If we have to follow the 10 mb restrictions, it's going to be a really small game anyway.

Send me the link but I like the current one.

You were able to find and download the among drip theme, can't you do this yourself too?
(I would help but every youtube-to-mp3 link I know is blocked and likely the videos are blocked aswell.)

I do not need the download just send me the link to the video.

What is the full name of the video, is it the OTC one?
It's really long, like six minutes, but maybe use a sound editing software to trim it if you can. (I'm pretty sure the loop is about a minute or so in length.)

I have no audio editing experience whatsoever and I think that one is to quiet and they both fit and the on currently is more modern.

It's possibly one of the most memed songs in existence. People would just take this project/game as a joke. (And you're outvoted as to whether it fits or not.)

Ok I can do it but I won't get the opportunity to until a few hours.

I will keep the old one in and see what the results are.
I even put a note in the description.

Reminder: Every helper please send your quotes!

let's have an actual vote:
whoever wants the title theme from the original among us say aye
whoever wants the among drip theme say nay