Help make an among us game (Part 4)

Continuing the discussion from Help make an among us game (Part 3).

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I will do it in a bit. I need the link in non discord form!

Hello there, want to help make an online among us game?

no more people can join the dev team, sorry

dev team:

read the assignments post for things to do

added news
added activity checks

Links: none

You don't need to have discord for the link to work, just make sure is not blocked.

Hi I am leothemisfits friend and I was wondering if i could join and help

herodooble2 not 3

assignments(just ask to take them):

make cardswipe task: not taken
make wiring task: taken by bubgamer07_bungamer0
make online engine: taken by programmer_user
make prime shields task: not taken
make empty trash task: not taken

K thanks!

ok ill add you

thank you

please pick an assignment from the post above

can i make the cardswipe task too

only if you have finished the wiring task

I am gonna make trailer rq while I have time:)

okay :grinning:

When do we expect to release the game?

Like when its all done maybe May 15?

im almost done just doing the finishing touches

I don't know, just say release date unknown

Im gonna say expected to release May 10 - 25.

we can update it later