Help make an among us game (Part 1)

Hello there, want to help make an online among us game?

just ask to join and I will add you

dev team:

read the assignments post for things to do

title screen:

That topic was closed by @bh for (seemingly) no reason

Can I join? I can help with coding, tips, menu, any sprite related thing/GUI design and menu set up, and more.

Can't we just create a new topic?

Why, I want to make it.

He closed it for this: Umm, this is really against the rules (about collabs). It kind of snuck under the wire and has kind of been grandparented ever since. But it might disappear at any time. It has 269 posts, and they can't all be useful, which is why we don't like collabs. Has this collab generated any actual code yet? -Reason why other closed-

But then on the Are Collabs Allowed thread he said Yes we like to see Collabs happen!

Your not the author though:/

So let's reopen the topic here!

Topic resumed!

When will we start? I can make the menu just tell me when to start making it:)

I suggest we use Fun Time Foxy's eject scene for the eject scene we just need their permission, here is the link:

Here is the imposter thing:

Here is the crewmate thing:

Kill scene:

Character with animations (change colors to desired color):

cyan sheet 3 sheet 2 sheet 1

Dead character (change to desired color):

pink dead

sure ill help

i can help with scripting

i can also help with scripting

assignments(just ask to take them):

make a start screen - taken by earthrulerr
find a way to prevent lag - not taken

I am making menu right now/start screen. Read everything I put up there.

once your done just tell me the link

we still need someone to find a way to prevent lag...

Here is the menu!

Credits are not done yet because we need to finish first.