Help make an among us game (Part 1)


K I updated it now it is black with stars. Anything else needed?

I also added loading screen. Now we just need the map, online system, costumes, I can do menus for these.

okay :grinning:

That's a lot of stars, and it makes it hard to read the text and isn't great on the eyes, either. The stars are also shaped like the stereotypical star shape, which isn't how they're presented in real Among Us either.
I would suggest something like this:
(But of course with slightly smaller circles and maybe get the background to move if you can?)

one more thing add the title screen music from among us
also please do what helicoptur said

then I will give more assignments

K I am adding those stars but please give me the audio.

I added them but should I make the play, credits, and tip button red or no?

no no no

make them grey

and for the music just search among us title screen music

and make it so the tips menu isnt red

also I love the loading screen

yeah its like a weird blood red pattern for some reason
also @earthrulerr there are a few grammar mistakes in the tips menu
(add comma after 'or stay alone' in tip#1,
add commas after 'do not act sus', 'ever', and 'off' in tip#3,
change 'of' to 'off' in tip#3,
and change 'task' to 'tasks' in tip#4, unless there's only one task per player in this game, but that would be lame)

assignment for @helicoptur
make card swipe task

ok but i need the images

just look them up

It's been an hour!

what about it?