Team Among Us! (Part 1)

I started Team Among Us! We are working to recreate Among Us in Snap! Comment if you want to join!

Here is the project:!

project doesn't exist

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should work


oh ok that sounds cool

just say that if (username !== pencilgamer5) {
function here

or whatever

just make sure I can edit

oh ok

so you want to join? what do you want to handle, art, movement, tasks, impostors, menus, cameras, or something else?

You and @brainiac2019 are cocreators


[scratchblocks] That's Awesome [/scratchblocks]

I have a way to make the impostors (this is in JS terms but Snap blocks)

if (message !== impostorsChosen && impostors < totalImpostors && myStatus !== Impostor && random(1, Players) === 1) {
myStatus = impostor;

no i dont know jss

just a bit of js

oh * facepalm * but I don't know much because i'm learning with Processing JS and so I have commands like ellipse(); and rect(); and line();

it seems like monkey latin mixed with greek and some c# thrown in to boot

no clue


I know how to do touchscreen and someone has a cool Joystick program we could use with permission

Oh but I only have a PC

I am out of replies for the day (sorry i know its weird) so I have to go

but Snap doesn't run on consoles

or did you mean we make our own webpage? Khan Academy has some cool stuff for that

Also mouse controls and touchscreen controls are the same block

Mouse is Pressed works as Touched and Held

well I gotta go bye

talk again tomorrow

i have an entire network lobby system in the works right now, everything's ready but not publicized fully, if you need any help in that field, i'm interested i guess you could say? i've found some pretty neat things with snap! that i don't think have ever been seen before.

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I can probably help with the Gamepad API.

There is an Among Us game in Khan Academy, sadly, there is no Multiplayer mode for it(i think you can do multiplayer mode in Snap! though!), so this is just an idea for those who know JS.

btw I didn't create this program, and it is missing some things(for example, I don't think you can use the vents, not to mention, it is also missing multiplayer mode sooooo...).

It is an amazing example of an Among Us game using JS, so I thought that it would help a bit.

I'm not new?
I've been on Snap for about 3 years and I've been on the forum for about 1 year.

how is this supposed to work...because right now im only seeing that arrow thing...

Its a collab, its not finished yet.

as impatient as ever

okie guys ima help you out on among us what do you want me to do