Team Among Us! (Part 2)

Continuing the discussion from Team Among Us! (Part 1).

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Well, this is closed the old one and made a new :D

I has made eject scene on my alt account.

Cool Foxi

Shouldn't the person who is ejected be spinning, and shouldn't the text come from them?

Yeah, but you know I'm not perfect, I just tried my best.
I did a lot better than what @super_artist did...

Am I able to help out, @pencilgamer5?

Yeah I made a better one that Kumi put below

It works much better, and uses your username

Absolutely, anyone can join just make things for Among Us

What do you guys need?

Ehh, tasks, map with bounding boxes, menus, etc

Why? IDRC I just kind of want to know what you like about hers.

Hey does anyone know if ego_lay_atman_bay is doge make simulators! but under a different account? I saw one of his projects by ego_lay_atman_bay, so idk

Thanks @doge make simulators! for giving me a cheat code in your game

Why? My version sucks and it's trash.

Literally everything I make to try to help is trash...and then people wonder why I rarely help anyone with anything....
Sometimes I feel like everyone doesn't want my help....

but it doesn't tho..

Whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down. There's no need to have feelings hurt. I just wanted to know what you like about each. Don't get angry or the forum will be shut down. Nobody wants that.

Hey @funtime_foxy101 I like your projects because they provide good framework and good inspiration. I like having your help with projects. You said your projects are terrible, and I dunno, maybe you really think that, but I think they're useful.

Oh ok! Sorry seemed a little rude when I read it, but ok. If you didn't mean offense, that's great.

hhhhhh- the only thing i'm really good at is art, and my art abilities on a chromebook have been limited because of having a bad art app....and that's the only art app I can use....

K, do you have windows on your computer? If so, go to windows accessories folder and then to paint. Paint is really useful for art. Otherwise, you could go to

Paint Editor


Please note that these will take you off the site.

I use chrome....and github is blocked.... D:

A lot of most things are blocked