Help make an among us game (Part 8)

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does Anyone still want to work on this?

Yes I would like to


yes, i do want to work on this and see it become finished because its unsatisfying when something suddenly get delayed or stopped


This is kinda inspirational. We might have a small team, but we will see it through 'till the end huh?

if i could actually finish the map

alright, but NO activity checks.

ok but I might yell their name if their not active

like this @SIR_KITTEN YOU NEED TO WORK NOW! lol or just @sir_kitten

Hey guys, what would you like me to do for the game?

no clue

Hmm.. who's making the map?

I guess you

Oh- okay- you sure?

what?! i thought i was???? ok i guess @leothemisfit and i will be doing it

you can work together

are we going to do all of skeld map or just do some parts

I don't know- I'm not really in charge here..