Help make an among us game (Part 2)

yes it is allowed as a project

bh said it is not allowed there was a whole topic about that.

yeah, it's not allowed in the FORUM, but chat projects are allowed.


You do not have to make the hats on top of the character were it you just have to put the hat.



do i have to make the logo in the right top corner

If you can please do.

Reminder: When you finish something you send it on this thread and I iwll insert it. @bh please help with the other people adding scripts into it without making a remix.

as i said i can only do so much with chrome canvas

Ok everyone I added sounds but some browsers can not hear it. What browser can?

Which browsers can't?

I was told that if you add audio it will not make any noise on some browsers, mine is one and i use safari and chrome, which ones can?

i have no idea, i never even heard about it

we shouldnt have to worry about that. if there are any problems with sound we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

They're not trying to withdraw the topic.

New link for the game! If you are helping please think of a quote and I will add it!

What is webhook?

I do not know I remember seeing something like it it does not really matter.

" cloud vars wont work because it takes about a second to fetch them, not at all fast enough for real-time gameplay
I suggest using websockets instead. (link )"

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