Help make an among us game (Part 3)

wait when does the vote end

i guess i'm weird because i'm the only nay

idk just when everyone has voted i guess

@earthrulerr hasn't voted yet but im pretty sure theyll vote nay

Hello there, want to help make an online among us game?

no more people can join the dev team, sorry

dev team:

read the assignments post for things to do

added news
added activity checks

Links: none

assignments(just ask to take them):

make cardswipe task: not taken
make wiring task: taken by bubgamer07_bungamer0
make online engine: taken by programmer_user
make prime shields task: not taken
make empty trash task: not taken

Why not?

If I see another activity check post I'm straight up muting the topic.

There are links, actually, but you probably didn't read any of the recent replies and just wanted to take over again.

ok sorry, and dev team is closed because we have hordes of members

if we have more members, the game will be finished faster

yeah but I dont want like 50 members

there is only 9 members, not 50

that doesn't make any sense.

yeah but if I leave it open there will be

i dont see the full message

i should not have subscribed to this thread, i'm getting almost 50 notifications per 10 minutes

just put it on tracking and check back in every once in a while, that's what i do

then turn the notifications off

No, if we have to many It will just be a jumbled up mess

ok i will try that