Why doesn't Snap! look or behave like this Scratch feature?

Obviously our work is very much inspired by Scratch, and the first version of Snap! (BYOB) was based on their source code. At that time we tried very hard to be absolutely backward compatible with Scratch, because we hoped that the Scratch Team would adopt our ideas, and maybe even adopt our code, as part of Scratch itself. But that didn't happen.

Since then, each language has evolved in its own directions. We do adopt some good ideas from later version of Scratch, but we do it because something is a good idea, not just because Scratch does it.

We have a long list of things we need to do (most urgently, improve support for visually impaired users) and a long list of things we want to do (top of my list is the ability to manipulate scripts programmatically, such as creating new custom blocks from inside a program). So we're unlikely to accept suggestions to implement some aspect of the Scratch user interface; Jens and I both like the Scratch 1.4 look that we still use.

It's worth noting, also, that right now most of our users come to Snap! through secondary school computer science courses, rather than from Scratch. (Of course some of them had used Scratch, but we teach them Snap! from the beginning.)

So, if you want us to copy some aspect of Scratch, you need to present better reasons than just "because Scratch."