Commenting & Following feature

So basically if you added commenting and following I would be happy. But, for commenting you have to be at least 1 week old in snap to comment, and they have a censoring bot. And for the following feature, well allow it for all snap people. If you add these features, plus favorite for projects, and view counts I would be extremely using this site. I just deleted my extra message about the logo, because it's bad. But for now, I am really happy with the site.

This has been requested several times before:
and seven.
(Not including this one.)
I agree there should be follows, but just so you could have a custom feed. You shouldn't be able to see someone's amount of followers or followings.

I also agree. There should also be a feature to save a project so you don't have to dig through snap to find a project.

you can already download projects. file menu > export.

I mean save it so you can see it on the snap website without having to download it.

that is a good idea, i hate having to wait 50 seconds for a complicated project to load up every time.

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