Are chats allowed?

Title says it all.

There needs to be a moderator
If there isn't then no.
bh needs to moderate the forum and don't ask him to moderate other things.
On the other hand, you can do some chat projects and if bh finds out you won't get banned (while bh could ask you to unpublish the project)

Don't! That's unmoderated chat, and @bh will be held responsible for letting it happen.

Yeah, no.

We've been talking with lawyers about contracts with schools. Maybe we can add this to the list of topics. I think it's absurd for us to have to enforce no offsite meetings, but I can't just decide not to -- I need a blessing from the university's lawyers.

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Do I just have to unpublish chat projects, or do I have to completely unshare them?

I tested your chat project and it is amazing and I think it's good but Snap! Might not allow it, also it is really cool how theres safe chat or is that pre made? Anyways I wish you could make a game with chat but I don't think it's allowed:(

Aargh. I suppose it depends on how many people you share it with and whether or not you already know them by other means.

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