Snap! Jr: Snap! For Youngsters! (Version 2.0.0) (Part 2)

It's not, I just think lighter would be better for 4-7 years old kids.

And why is that?

Please respond with words and sentences instead of linking Scratch.

Scratch's editor is light. I'm making it be flat design on startup.

Okay, but just “because scratch” isn’t a good reason to do something.

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Well, what is the range of ages you used? And how did they like it? Do you have any footage?

no footage but age range was 5 to 8 and it worked well too! 7 out of 10 made something.
( they made this! ) Snap! Build Your Own Blocks.

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just a sec
edit: should work now

How long did it take for the kid to make that?

they took turns helping make it when one was working I was teaching the others then a different one would work on it. that happened til it was done.

Ok, just a bit more research and I will get the age range for Snap! Jr.

there was 2 classes cuz my friend did a 2nd class but I don't know what the results are yet.

My goodness! So many classes!

2 classes

I'm guessing your friend likes the Snap! Jr. idea?

Can anybody make a tutorial on installing Snap! Jr. for Mac? I need it for the website.

OK, can you make it now?