Snap! Jr: Snap! For Youngsters! (Version 2.0.0) (Part 2)

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Hello guys! I've been working on something for a while... It's not done yet, but I will be working on it! :slight_smile:

Snap! Jr. 2.0.0

It will be on Github when I finish it.

How To Run Snap! Jr:
To run it, just download the folder by right clicking the folder and clicking download.

Then, in your file explorer, open "snap.html".


~V. 1.0.0: Added Motion Category!
~V. 1.1.0: Added Looks Category And Fixed Color For Sounds!
~V. 2.0.0: Added the Sound, Pen, and Control Categories, and Changed the Colors Again!

Wowza! A part 2!

are you amazed surprised about a part 2?
I'm getting off.
but I will make those block

Sadly I still haven’t downloaded it since I never went on my laptop this week. I will download it soon though.

you can do it on mobile to...

How? When I download it and go to files and run it it does nothing.

You need to open the file "snap.html" in your browser.

Oh ok.

Everybody who wants to download Snap jr, go here:

About Us

Empowerment Through Education

Ever since opening our doors, we’ve helped countless individuals achieve their career and life dreams. We are committed to providing excellent education, training and resources so that our students will thrive in today’s competitive world. With flexible program options, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with your education using Snap! Jr.

Lol, we haven't got that far yet.

@joecooldoo at least credit Snap! with a link.
Also, not everyone has a wix account. Do you expect to move the forums there?


nope, 2 people.
I tested it on some of my friends.

I have.

That is a template. Website is not finished yet. I put that out there because the direct download link is there.

The website does not use wix accounts. It makes an account for the WEBSITE, not wix.

You don't need a wix account to open a wixsite page. At least, I would assume so.

No. You dont.

I think it would be a whole lot easier to just use github. On github, you can turn on github pages which will then allow people to use snap jr without having to download it.

I don't want to do github stuff until I'm done with it. It takes a TON of time to upload and organize anything. And I cant use Git because I'm on a chromebook.

No, but features such as forums, events. etc. need a wix account.