Snap! Jr: Snap! For Youngsters! (Version 2.0.0) (Part 5)

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I think sense the leader ( Joe ) is gone we should just let close cuz we don't know what he would want.

@joecooldoo I have some feedback: Make the editor light and vibrant and full of color. It would look more appealing to youngsters.

I will think about that.

If so, here's how:
Turn line 220 of gui.js from this:
into this:

Look! I made a Scratch Wiki topic!!_Jr.

Please delete my account.

Nice! I'm not sure of anything you could add or fix on it yet.

do it your self!


Where is settings?


I'll go look.

I'm going to need to sign up to see the settings, probably.

I can't find a delete account button. But, I guess you could go here, go to the bottom of the page, open "Profile Visibility", and you should see this:

Click "Make Profile Private", click "Confirm", then log out and never log in again.


say what the butter biscuits!

good job you have made it on bing!