Snap! Jr: Snap! For Youngsters! (Version 2.0.0) (Part 1)

Hello guys! I've been working on something for a while... It's not done yet, but I will be working on it! :slight_smile:

Snap! Jr. 2.0.0

It will be on Github when I finish it.

How To Run Snap! Jr:
To run it, just download the folder by right clicking the folder and clicking download.

Then, in your file explorer, open "snap.html".


~V. 1.0.0: Added Motion Category!
~V. 1.1.0: Added Looks Category And Fixed Color For Sounds!
~V. 2.0.0: Added the Sound, Pen, and Control Categories, and Changed the Colors Again!

I've looked at it, and the sounds category blocks are hard to read
it would be better if you used darker colors.

great job anyway. I know this is still a work in progress (seeing as how only the motion category blocks have been changed).

Indeed. White text on #ffff00 yellow is pretty hard to read.

Fixed. I will release it in the next version.

Also, do you know how to delete a block from the palette without breaking the entire page?

it should be simple. Just remove the block definition. If I knew where the primitive blocks were defined, I could figure it out.

No, i figured it out. It is not that simple, first you have to delete the morph definition, and then delete the Block attribute.

oh, ok.

Also, block attributes and morph definitions are found in objects.js


Version 1.1.0 is out!


~ Added Looks Category And Fixed Color For Sounds!

How do I commit to this Mod?

I don't have it on Github yet. Any suggestions?

When will it be on Github?

Im putting it up soon.

You know that you can use Git instead of creating the files one by one using the web GUI?

Im on a chromebook.

I don't have github because I'm a minor, I mean is there any other way to help with this?

I mean, I can give you editing access to the Drive...

I'm sureeeeeeeeeeeeee google has something against that too(like everyone else.).