Snap editor update

so it so long since the website used the old school editor you sould updated to a new editor
in snap 7.0

I agree that it would be nice, but I know that the developers like it how it is.
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btw, welcome to the forums

what's so bad about the old-school editor layout? what do you mean by "new layout"? what would be changed?

also, there's an option for "flat design" in the settings menu which makes the editor light mode if that's what you want.
also, welcome to the forums!

How do you make the quote from bh?

For some reason it wouldn't let me quote a FAQ post, so I instead took another quote, copy-pasted the text from the FAQ, and modified other data so it's quoting bh.


Ha, @lisketsnap never said this.

By "old-school editor" do you mean the design of the Scratch 1.x editor? What's wrong with that?

so it's supposed to work like this

because the topic is locked

the editor is like scratch 1.0
it bad i need an upgrade

and also
go to that my account on a different website

what do you mean? it looks ok to me, i don't really like a bright editor, plus you can just go to settings and turn on flat design, that's basically what you're talking about

no the editor look like scratch 1.0

i need a a new editor but still dark mode

???? i do not understand, you mean a dark mode editor or a grey mode editor

how is it bad? is it just bad because it looks like scratch 1.0 and that's it? the design being old is not a bad thing. what reason would they have to change the editor? just because the newer versions of scratch have a different editor design? they said they aren't going to copy scratch for the sake of it being like scratch.

we sould change the blocks only

what blocks would be changed and why? what's wrong with it? please explain why it's bad, not just "because old editor bad lol you know what i mean".


I don't like that it's stripy. Flat black or grey would look nicer.

then turn flat design on and then use that dark mode extension from the google web store, should help i guess