An option to display the stage on the left in the editor

Like in Scratch 2.0!

I like the idea but it could be hard to do.

I really don't like when people post that, he probably is more familiar with that layout, so this may not be "just because scratch". please consider this anyway.

We'd entertain suggestions with reasons. The only reason proposed was "Like in Scratch 2.0!"

Well, i like the right side, because its not confusing.

How is the left side confusing? Now you're edging more into "because Scratch" territory.
Edit: I just realized I was talking about the palette and you were talking about the stage. Sorry!

yes, now I agree. it is not "confusing" but you may not like it.

I've see many scratchers who like the editor on the left side. I think it has to do with what people are used to, I understand why he wants the stage on the left side. It's not because scratch 2 uses it, but because he is used to it. I know that in time, he will get used to the stage on the right side.

also, if you read his post, he says

he's giving an example, not saying,

RIght, he's not literally saying because. But, I repeat, a reason other than Scratch would be much more convincing.

And, you know, "because he is used to it" really comes down to the same thing. It's like people who think we should have zero-origin indexing because they're used to it, i.e., because that's what they learned in JS or Python or whatever.

None of us is immune to thinking that whatever we grew up with is how things should be. I still get mad when I see "millenniums" (as opposed to "millennia") in the New York Times. That's a case in which there's really no principled argument for either spelling. But my insides churn when I see it spelled the "wrong" way.

Sometimes the "because it's what I'm used to" position is very widespread and popular. I think, for example, that case-sensitive identifiers are a horrible design mistake. I learned to program before computers could display lower case letters, so it was never an issue for me. But after C was invented and took over the world, its bad idea of case-sensitive identifiers spread like a virus to C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, and finally (oh, the horror) even to Scheme, after its hostile takeover in R6RS. But isn't it obvious that having two different things called "foo" and "Foo" is just asking for bugs? It makes no more sense than having "foo" and "foo" mean two different things. I'm afraid I'm quite arrogantly certain that I'm right about this and everyone else is wrong. (No, I don't think that about everything.) But I can't even convince Jens.

But if you think I'm being mean to @ashtyboi, I didn't mean to be, and I apologize for being brusque.

I agree with you.

To be honest, I feel like the stage on the right side makes more sense, because you have the editor on the left, and most things go from left to right, so people will instinctively look at the code, instead of having to look kind of in the middle of the screen.

Now, I could be wrong about this, mainly because I can only see with my left eye, so looking to the left is easier.

I am not only used to the stage being on the left but I am also used to it being on the right.

But moreso to the left, I'm assuming?

No. I'm equally as used to them.

So, why do you want it on the left?

idk, some people like it on the left more

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