Sound Editor in Snap (Part 5)

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ok with that.

Please in clude in the title a link to the project

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hey, @helicoptur, i found a bug... if you have audio with two channels and move your cursor around while its finding the spot to start, it will play left and right audio weirdly. maybe store the mouse x in a temporary variable? And also, if you play the song by clicking the play button, going to another toolbar while its playing and come back to the first toolbar, it will say its not playing even though it isnt.

That's a good idea, I'll do that.
Btw do you like the art for the fade in/out button? I ran out of ideas to make it look like.

:ok_hand: Cool! That looks good.

yeah... I'll fix that.

why did this get flagged.

it could be interpreted as spam i guess

it said it was of topic even though i was complementing you. its kinda weird.

btw i finished the fade in/out button (its so painful to have to edit the select sprite please can we not have any more effect functions /j)
and i think fade in/out is the first ever function we made that can't easily be undone without undo so we really need undo/redo

I think were done with effects. Now we just need the redo and Undo buttons. we could just store each edit in a list and change a vaiable to read from a part.

I came up with a system for it, some actions will require storing of old data, so each item will be a list: the first item is the command block, and all but the first are the old data or other inputs.
then it does:

Could you guys please stop having flag wars? It's very annoying. Thanks.

Okay, I got the undo button done.
Edit because it won't let me reply more than 2 consecutive times:
I also made it so when uploading, you can either append the new sound to the old one or overwrite it.

Woah, this is getting to be a really great editor. It would never be as good as it is without you.

Yeah. Lets stop. So, we have the undo button in the project now. Do you have any ideas that we can do next?

Make some preset options that are combinations of normals like "Nightcore", that would be +15 percent speed, +30 pitch.

I told you already, it's not possible to change only pitch or only speed!