Sound Editor in Snap (Part 1)

I am making a sound editor, Can some people please help me?

I have already imported Audio Comp in the library section.

Here is the Audio Editor in it's current state:

btw, @helicoptur , I know how good you are at JavaScript, can you please write me a script to import/export .

For importing:

For exporting:

Uh, it does not work.

That (the file import library) isn't my code. (Edit: the save media project isn't mine either because my code didnt work and I'm too lazy to redo it and take another screenshot) Also, could you please describe your problem in the same post next time? It's really annoying just to get a reply like "uh it doesnt work" without any information.

You should probably use a blob URL instead of a data URL to bypass the URL length limit.

I'm not sure what you mean. What would it be instead?

I also need to make a "sound file" not encrypted, instead turned into a list, also, @bh , how can you sort of manipulate sounds

usually a sound file is encrypted like this : Sound Editor script pic-2

untitled script pic (9)
Is this not what you mean by "turn into a list"?

:smirk: I think I forgot that exists.

Anyways my biggest problem is

Manipulating Sounds.

[scratchblocks] (map (. . . @addInput :: grey ring) over (samples of sound (. . .) :: sound) :: list) [/scratchblocks]

I got it, but what if we want only a specific part of the sound to be changed?

I'm sorry, but I have no idea how to work this thing. :anguished:

Is this any more understandable?

Ok! That is very helpful!

But what do you set value to?

value is automatically set, there's a thing in the gray ring that says "input names:" those are variables set by the map over block

@pumpkinhead @helicoptur , I made a prototype of the project, Thank You, very much! But I still need some more ways to edit.