Sound Editor in Snap (Part 2)

Continuing the discussion from Sound Editor in Snap (Part 1) - #102 by joecooldoo.

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Hey @helicoptur, could you add a help button to the toolbar? I'm trying to make it mobile accessible.

suggestion: this can only record short sounds, so you should make it so that instead of the bar thing moving, the sound thing moves.


it can record long sounds: it squishes the bars the longer the sound is.

plus it makes it easier to edit.

no it doesn't, it cuts the rest of the sound unless you edited it in response to my post.

Making the hole thing move would

  1. Make the project laggy
  2. Harder to edit
  3. Take up a lot of project space. were already running out of project space on this. Were headed straight to editing tools.

Oh, sorry. your right. i just had a long song stored in a variable. I set the var to 0 and it let me save.

by the way, @helicoptur, what happened to the remove data button? you should have a dialogue that asks if you want to save it or discard it. if the person clicks save, it brings the save window. if the person clicks discard, have another dialogue that asks if you really want to discard it without saving.

I realized it was pretty much useless and took up space because you can just click the flag

hmm, maybe that could happen when you click the flag, ill look into it

i would still like it to be in the editor, it was a great idea! I liked how it would remove it without me clicking the flag. It just seemed neat to me.

actually the code for it just programmatically clicked the flag lol

but you dont have to add it if you dont want to. It would still be great to have the dialogue box though

But i actually need to do some code for myself. so ill do the dialogue box.
Youve been doing a lot of work. so have a break. ill do it.

No, I'll do the dialogue box, I have blocks that can customize snap dialog boxes, like with pictures and custom buttons

Actually I really enjoy coding this.

well i kind of want to code now. i can use your custom block.

Ok! i implemented the system! feel free to check it out!

Could you take the code for that and put it in the latest build of my version? There was an update..

I dont see anything new...
was it a bug update?