Sound Editor in Snap (Part 3)

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I was going to warn you guys about fighting for the last spot!

No, we reached the reply limit.

Okay, @helicoptur and @spacer, we need to try as many different ways to select a portion of a sound and edit that selected portion, that won't take a kazillion years, and impliment it into the software.

just let the user select an "select" button, the user will click two points of the sound and that will be "selected"

good idea!

Here is my fork : Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

I honestly do not think it is that good.

the short should just be "E"

Using right arrow there is no third toolbar, but using left arrow there is

what are you replying to?

your fork of our project.

It is not your project, please refer to it as OUR project

I fixed it.

Guys, I made @ego-lay_atman-bay's sound cropper work faster. Like, WAY faster.

cool! can you share the project?

I don't understand. Is their a reply limit?

well, its fast, but the website freezes. but it unfreezes after its done. chrome might say that the page is unresponsive. it will unfreeze, so ignore that.

Yes, there is a 100 reply limit.

Oh. I didn't really know about a limit...