Sound Editor in Snap (Part 4)

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it just does not look good, the only reason that I think this is that the display of sound waves needs some polishing.

i didn't make the system to render the sound waves. although i agree it needs some changes, i'm not sure what to do.
@bh do you know about this library and how to make the plot sound block render channels closer together?

there should be a settings menu where the waves can look more rounded like this :

(from scratch)

you do this by taking an average of 0.1 to 0.2 seconds of sound and displaying the average rather than the actual samples

(this would mean taking an average of 1000 samples but we can just use a library somewhere)

oh, I found that out. Just edit this part

wait... @bh, there's a bug. It says ([width] of [stage] not ([height] of [stage]). Shouldn't it be height not width since the offset variable is used for the y position?

oh, and change 6.4 in the (([height] of (my [stage])) / (6.4)) to change the position the first channel is displayed.


We will have a sort of options menu btw. I'll make a fork for this.

guys, wut about undo and redo buttons

I'll fork It when I have time

Personally, I'm running out of ideas for this thing.

I just finished the loop feature

@helicoptur has art for the buttons.

in my project there are two unused undo and redo buttons you can work off of


Shortcut to @helicoptur's project

hey @spacer, have you made the fork yet? and yes, i know your in school right now.

I did this, and now all the sounds with one channel are rendering incorrectly
Edit: nevermind got it

We still need to make it look neat though...
Maybe we can record the loudness of each sample and draw a line over the top, sort of like this:

It does look neat already, though. If you draw a line over the top and fill it with color, it will be hard to see exactly where the waves are.