Sound Editor in Snap (Part 2)

Huh, maybe..
I added a feature where when you click on the stage, it plays from that specific point in the data, but then there was also a bug update to fix something for that. (Edit: Nope, the seek feature isn't there and there are no pictures for the dialogs. Outdated version)
But I have a few suggestions:
-Make the picture be the floppy disc image in the stage, but sized down a little bit? (Maybe using the stretch block?) I think all the dialogs should have pictures and thats the reason its there
-Put newlines in the body text (I think it looks too long) and fix the spelling of "discard"
Also how does it save the data? When I clicked save it still got rid of the song data onscreen.

how to i export a script? i dont want to do the save system all over again.

Shift-right click it and choose "download script"?
I implemented a save system in my build too


it wont let me save. it says its above the 10mb limit.

make both the sound variables transient (right click them and checkmark transient)

oh wait i fixed it. its probably because i had a tab with the project open. i closed it and it saved.

ok, @helicoptur, its finished now.

I coded back in the delete button.

Ok. So next is editing tools. I want to put the editing tools on another tool bar at the top of the screen. Let's use the effects that Scratch uses.

I made a system to switch between up to 3 toolbars, so we can just use that. I'll handle the actual setting up of the buttons and all that because I know how it works.
Btw do you have any ideas for buttons and what their icons could look like?

Maybe for higher frequency, we have squished together waves, and for lower frequency, longer sound waves. Bty I tried to use it on mobile and it's not working. But it may just be to laggy. That's what it seems to be. Could you try on computer? My laptop is in my room and my mom is in a work meeting in my room.

We could have "Make sound louder" or Make sound softer". The icons could be as follows: for louder, speaker with 3 waves coming out, and for softer 1 wave coming out of a speaker. And also, we should make it so you can edit portions of the audio.

Does this link work? (

Also, please update your project with mine. Some of your JavaScript I had to fix.

Ok well it does work for me
And ill try to make the buttons for those.
Also what was it? How do you know it was wrong?

Remember, top.window
Also I need access to the document it says. I've asked.

Can you give me a screenshot of exactly where?

Ignore the top.window. that's a mistake. But before document.createElement("a");,
You need to add top.window. to the command so it works in the iFrame.
Also could you give me access to the document you sent? It says "Access Denied".

Could've sworn I did that... but it's a pretty easy fix.
Also I gave access to the video