Sound Editor in Snap (Part 2)

Cool! I saw a glitch in the video though... The remove data button was where the play button should be when you were scroll in through.

That's just a placeholder for where the first button of toolbar #2 will be. Not a glitch in the video.

Oh, ok.

Bty the javascript still isn't fixed.

Now it is

Great! Now for editing tools finally! I've been waiting for this part! Bty maybe put arrow buttons on the Toolbar to make it look a little cleaner.

I would, but there's no room. :\ We'd have to move around all the tool buttons and change all the code used for rendering.

Oh. K.

So, when are we gonna work on the editing tools, @helicoptur?

About that, I just finished a button to slow down or speed up the sound! It's on toolbar #2

Cool! I'll check it out.

I tried to make it slower, but you cant go in the negitives.

It's a percentage. If you put 50 it'll be half, or 50%, as fast.

Oh, i get it now.

we need to make it so you can select a part of the song and edit only that part.

I can't figure out a way to do even just the selecting part, let alone cutting and merging sound clips together...

Have it set a variable to the beginning of the selected part, and the end, and then have it change it until it reaches the variable.

I know, but what about the visual aspect?

maybe clone the bar to the end point, set a list to the samples of all the audio, then modify the areas specified by the variables, and then set "sound to play" to the list, and then broadcast "update" to refresh visuals.

to cut (or crop) sounds, you can use these blocks
Note: I'm only giving you my project because the original project by @bromagosa didn't really work with multiple channels.