Fish Eaters (Part 2)

I'll add you.


I have a question, why am I always joecooldoe? (joecooldoo)
(edit: I fixed it)

um.. that's a typo, I aways thought the doo was supposed to mean doe, like the deer, that's in your logo

Er, thats my childhood toy named Giraffeeeeeee (eeeee's added for emphasis). He's my stuffed giraffe.
(if you click on my profile picture, you will see the real toy in the background)

hehe, that's kinda funny, want to make an example game together, you can always ask me for help, we can always fork. One day a fork will be named "version 1.0"! I've found you a good work partner since the sound editor days.

Ahh, yes. The times. Thanks, that really warms my heart that were still friends. I just get angry tho sometimes...
(I almost killed my computer one time)

lol, though I don't approve of computer abuse, especially if it involves me being banned from a website. Want to get started on the game, I can always help you virtually :wink:

Sorry, I gotta study. Remember I said I was on the last day of school? I got exams. Ill try to reply to you tho.

allright, I'll be right back in 15 minutes. got it?

I also know a lot of code to, I could also help you! I wish you could help me with my Language Exam tho lol

I'm 9, so I probably won't be able to help you.

also it's okay to post your age, but don't say

I turned 12 yesterday!

@joecooldoo, this is a scratch game that's similar to what we are doing? is it good?

Ah, yes, a Griffpatch game. (Here is my Scratch profile btw) So, whats going to eat the fish? I think maybe a person. I had an idea, why dont we make it so when you click on a fish, some random dude jumps up and eats the fish? And we could also make it so that the fish can go bad?

Yeah, In fact the griffpatch game sorta implimented this :

on level 4, it has a poison fish!

Anyways, now we got some ideas. Also, im pretty good at creating AI's. I made one thats almost to smart (almost because I beat it, but I turned down the smartness of it.) Here is an example: Snap! 6.8.1 Build Your Own Blocks

ah yes, the one from @slate_technologies?
it's too smart, it just traps me in a corner.

yep. made it better. his kinda went in random directions. This one learns. I originally had it so if you were at a certain distance, it would activate "corner mode", which attempts to catch you. but that made the game impossible. So i made it random.

ah yes, "corner mode" is like the shark in the griffpatch game : noted

here is how to NOT get trapped: