Sound Editor in Snap (Part 4)

why would this happen?

It happend to helicopter. The project is becoming so big that everytime we save new things, the project has a greater chance of crashing, forcing someone to reload, without saving changes.

I think his browser does not have enough memory to save.

No, it just crashed because snap was overloaded.

No, that's not the case. It's only about 800 kb (.08% of the media limit) and takes no time at all to save. But sometimes it crashes because of a glitch regarding message boxes and recursion. I've learned from my mistakes and now save every time before I attempt to put in a recursive message box

Well now, you can test here! I think it's a cool concept.

Eh, I prefer the editor as its own tab.

You would still need to wait for it to load again in that tab. So then, you wouldn't have to wait for it to load. Maybe we could make a web browser sometime with that.

If I just leave the tab open, it will still be loaded on the project when I leave and come back after any period of time, won't it?

Yes (Unless you are on a Mac because it somtimes reloads tabs because it is running out of memory for the website.)

It should, unless your on mobile or on safari.
But it won't work if you have chrome's data saver on either. I'm not very sure, I'm not an expert.
Edit: the forum page should stay open because chrome knows it's probably something important. So in that case, another tab may reload, but the forum wont.

the fourum will not reload because it does not use much memory. Editing a megabyte program does need a lot of memory.

So in that case we could use the embed I made for testing.

the embed in fact just adds more memory because the forums are also adding to it.

No, because it's an embed. It s literally going to another website to get it.

Yes, but it has to store memory somewhere to display the website

And memory only takes a few BYTES. That's .01% of a gigabyte, and probably takes about .005% of memory.

it stores the source code somewhere to display. now I'll just read more to find who is correct.

way too smooth, you need to see the fine details of the waveform.

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