Snap! Extensions (Part 4)

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Bruh hes using language because I banned him. yeesh.

:no_entry_sign: BAN


@helicoptur if you wanna spam go spam on snap jr.

can you answer plz

I don't know what you mean...

if loucheman create a var and he name is var "HiScore" and another player running my project or another programmer in a distinc project name a var "HiScore", did the other person read my value or is own value ?

is your server down ?

Sorry, I still don't know what your trying to say.

he's saying if he creates a variable called hiscore and someone else make a variable with the same name is the other person reading their own value or a public one i think

also i'm going to make this an official lib for Snatch

@joecooldoo i forgot my password :/

@joecooldoo please remove admin form me.
I don't want to be involved in this Admin vs. Spammer conflict.

OK, Ill remove you in the next server-side update. :slight_smile:

Ah, no... There all public so anybody from any other project can see them.



I'm checking out how the cloud blocks work...
Edit: How do you see who sent a value? There's no code for that in the project (or so it seems)...

I see it happen in the console.

I'm starting to come up with an idea.
When you set a var, does your server grab the username from the Snap! tab that accessed it?

No, IP. I don't know how to get the username server side.