Snap! Extensions (Part 2)

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@348663451y, no, it does not set vars.

Ah ok. My bad.



It only gets the values of vars. You can use it for some sort of verification project of some sort.

@bh did you try the project?

Can somebody write me a description for the webpage?
Oh, yeah. You can include scratchblocks. If you want.


Added [scratchblocks](day of year::sensing)[/scratchblocks] block!
Go here to see the update!

I don't even know what ScratchClient is.

Anyways I read you should use replit packages, not pip install, and that seems to have fixed the problem.

Ok. I still don't understand.

ScratchClient is how I get the value of Scratch Cloud Vars.

I thought this topic was about your cloud vars.

No, it is a whole bunch of other features. Check out the project.

  • Cloud Variables
    Why use these? Recently a whole bunch of other cloud variable servers stopped working. Here is a working version!

is the only extension in the topic.

Edit: Oh, you mean this: Snap! Extensions script pic (12)

Look at it again.


Edit: You should remove

from your quote.

Oh and I might not be here much, if at all, for the next week. (A friend is visiting.)

No, sorry, I haven't had time to experiment with projects recently.

But my question about whether you're permitted to use Scratch's server for this purpose stands, and I wouldn't find out by running the project, only by reading their TOS, which I'm sure you guys have already done.

There is nothing in their TOS having to do with the API. Besides, I only coded in GETTING cloud vars, not SETTING. Setting would be considered hacking.

So could GETting, in some circumstances.