Snap! Extensions (Part 1)

Snap! Extensions

By Joecooldoo


Have fun!

Have suggestions? Post down below and we will see what happens!

You can also check out the site HERE.

@alessandrito123, I see that you are testing. :slight_smile:

Oh, yes, i'm testing to send messages and my data to you. :wink:

Yeah, I just set up print, so I can see you setting and getting. :smiley:

You asked me to do this

Exactly!!! :wink: :blush:

I dont know what ELIZA is.

Click on the reporter and you will see my response.

Ok. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can also visit to set a variable.

Update: I have created a Snap! Extensions Dev project, it has administrative privileges, such as seeing all the vars at a glance, and deleting all the cloud variables. Don't worry, if someone tries to go inside of the source code to try to get the admin password, it is hidden via a secret. P.S. to whoever created a cloud variable: I cleared all of the vars for testing. Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks

I suggest you turn the "send (v) as () to cloud" into a dropdown menu (The "v" variable from a string to a dropdown menu)

Why would I do that?

@joecooldoo: That would be good to do, because it would make the block a lot easier to use.
@slate_technologies: However, it's impossible because Snap!'s JS menu system gets its data instantly, and no yield functions work inside it. URL calls take a second to report, if they report at all.

So I make a menu with all the Snap! Vars?

Hey, it is @warped_wart_wars! They are testing!


BTW comment bug.

Sorry, gunna have to delete it real quick, you caught me while I was testing the Admin blocks.

Already deleted it.
Snap! Extensions script pic (2)