Snap! Extensions (Part 3)

Continuing the discussion from Snap! Extensions (Part 2) - #274 by sirhopsalot.

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oh, well.
link: Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks
dev link: Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks
@joecooldoo you use python for it so I can't edit it. we should test:

Again, I cant do that.

what do you mean? you need git to do that don't you.

I mean I can, but nobody can make requests until the time-out is up!

what timeout?

It was your idea.

oh, hm, I guess its back to the drawing board

this one

oh, I thought the server timed out.


CORS is now working! We no longer need Alorigins! YAY!!!

oh yeah!

This means we no longer have monthly limits to how much we can use it! :smiley:

thats good! does it help with the spam?

No not really.

cleared all vars but the dodge curser dodge high score

Its fine if you clear the high score. I built an anti-break system in the project.

ok ill do that.

don't clear: azval: m d total levels complete.

  1. cuz im using that.
  2. made a system on mine so that it can't be cleared.
    don't use your time clearing that.

bug found:
if you make a custom block input and error it then put it in the gibberish block this happens:
Snap! Extensions Dev script pic-2