DevSquare Game Engine

Hello! So I'm developing a 2D Game Engine called "DevSquare". This game engine will be like Unity, although it will be different in many ways.

DevSquare Public Releases:
DevSquare 0.1 (Released 7/28/2021): DevSquare 0.1
DevSquare 0.2 (Released 7/29/2021): DevSquare 0.2
DevSquare 0.3 (Released 8/16/2021): DevSquare 0.3
DevSquare 0.4 (Released 11/18/2021):

DevSquare Documentation:
DevSquare 0.1 Documentation (Released 7/28/2021):
DevSquare 0.2 Documentation (Released 7/29/2021): [CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE]
DevSquare 0.3 Documentation (Released 8/16/2021): [CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE]
DevSquare 0.4 Documentation (Released 11/18/2021): [CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE]

DevSquare Help Forum:
(NOTE: The DevSquare Help Forum is now closed due to inactivity. You can still request to help me on DevSquare here! Although this project has been dead for quite a while.)


I am very glad that you guys kept supporting me for the past 5-6 months and thank you all for your help! Now joecooldoo officially owns DevSquare and its operations.

The project has been dead even after I switched ownership with joecooldoo. Thank you for all the support in the past months. I really enjoyed that time window between the start and end.

do you want any help.

YES! Help is recommended! You can tell me if you want to help me!

Can you please help me make sample scenes that show off DevSquare's functions (Like what I did with the "ExampleSprite" in DevSquare 0.1)?

I try that today.

I also have another job for you: Coding syntax errors. I need help on coding syntax errors so that the program lets the user know if he/she is doing something that the computer doesn't understand



I want to join.

Also, I'm going to make a community documentation
EDIT: Link to docs: DevSquare docs

You're in >:)

Thank you so much! But please mark it as "DevSquare 0.1" or "DevSquare 0.2" as some people will be confused when using DevSquare.

It's the docs for the current version on DevSquare so if 0.3 comes out I will update the docs for 0.3

I don't know how.

Oh, well, that's alright!

Developer version of 0.3 (not ready for release) Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Working on:

  • Phisysicsbody2D

What is the PhysicsBody2D block for? And how come there aren't any values/inputs you can put into the PhysicsBody2D block?

Because it's in development, also the Physicsbody2D block is for objects that interact with physics(e.g. collision).

I updated 0.3, still not ready for release.

Known Bugs

  • Phyiscsbody2D can't move in any direction if collision is on and touching other sprite.

Why do you have to specify a constant gravity amount? Gravity should be fluid and increase over time.
Also, you misspelled "collision" and "gravity amount".
Also all the blocks have capital letters, which is contradictory to the primitives which have no capital letters.
Also, all the inputs for X move and Y move are text instead of number inputs.
Also, the inputs for X move and Y move aren't labelled, so you would have to look inside the block to see what they do, which is annoying.
Also, there are commas separating the X move and Y move parameters for some reason instead of labels.
Also, the X move and Y move inputs don't have default values.
Also, the physicsbody2d block uses block variables instead of script variables.
Also, the comment block isn't a multiline input, which means you can't put multilines (duh) but also the red space dot is present which makes it look bad.